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Your smile and your confidence can be transformed through cosmetic dentistry!

We specialize in cosmetic dentistry. This ensures that we pay particular attention not only to the health and function of your teeth, but also to aesthetic. We want you to retain outstanding oral hygiene, but we also want you to smile beautifully and to smile continuously with confidence!

We will help you imagine and achieve the perfect smile that you want with our experience, advanced technologies and information. We will turn your smile using one technique, such as veneers, or even a mixture of methods, and help you have the trust that comes with understanding that your smile looks fantastic!

Procedures used for producing perfect smiles alone or in conjunction include:

The Whitening of Teeth

Over time, teeth will lose their brightness naturally. Drinking coffee or tea or using nicotine, as well as some medicines for children, can trigger teeth to stain or darken much more quickly than usual.

The process used for brightening teeth is whitening, also known as bleaching. To produce a desired whiter smile, there are two distinct ways: In-Office Bleaching and At-Home Bleaching.

Invisalign ®

Using a custom-made set of aligners, Invisalign ® takes a revolutionary approach to straightening teeth. These aligner trays are made of plastic that you carry over your teeth, which is shiny, secure, yet almost invisible. Wearing the aligners would push the teeth into alignment steadily and softly, depending on the specific tooth motions our office prepares for you. There are no braces of metal to connect and there are no wires to tighten. You only move roughly every two weeks to a fresh collection of aligners, before your therapy is complete. With little interruption in your everyday life, you will achieve a great smile. The greatest thing of the entire procedure is that most people won’t really realize you’re having your teeth straightened.


Thin bits of porcelain used to recreate the realistic look of teeth are porcelain veneers. A small coating of the initial tooth enamel needs to be stripped in order to mount a veneer. After that, between the prepared tooth and the veneer, an adhesive film is added. Through the application of a specialized curing laser, the adhesive is then cured.

Cosmetic Bonding

The method of filling or repairing teeth with a tooth-colored substance in order to maximize the quality of a tooth is cosmetic bonding. Composite material is applied to the tooth structure in order to attach a tooth to change the scale, form, or color of the current tooth.


Through scraping a very thin coating of the tooth’s enamel, this procedure will diminish or remove streaks, yellowing or spots.

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